About Us

HRWall is an online consortium of businesses, corporate leaders and experienced individuals to share discuss and receive industry specific information. As a knowledge hub HRwall promotes communication that involves key industry trends, business performances, best case practices, corporate leaders advice, major transition and development tools adopted by business.

Today Human Resource is not just about hiring and retaining people but it is more about human capital management whereby involving people as business strategic resource, brand managers & communication tool and growth drivers. Therefore it’s essential to involve as organizations, corporate members and individuals to discuss things that can enhance Human Resource.

The objective of the website is to bring diverse yet latest HR news and events on a common platform so that people are updated about the industry and organizational practices. For professional growth it is necessary to keep oneself equipped with relevant information.  Therefore HRwall has been created to provide you the right information at the right time. The HRWall aims to disseminate learning through dialogues and cross sharing of experiences and case examples.