Five ways to get better at leading team meetings

Team meetings need a proper agenda decided in advance in order to be successful, along with adherence to structure and flow, and equal participation from all attending members. ET gets you tips from experts on how you can get better at leading team meetings.

Think Ahead
While preparing for a team meeting, think about what everyone attending wants to get out of the interaction and the outcomes you want. “Consider how you want to use the time effectively and get the most out of everyone present. Crafting the agenda ahead of time is a good way to do that,” says Aniisu Verghese, CSR lead-HR, Tesco Bengaluru.

Help Others Plan
Once you have the agenda for the meeting in mind, it is a good idea to send it out to attending team members at least a day or two in advance. “Give a small brief on each goal and suggest what they can work on. Discuss particular issues that need to be explored in detail and allow for an interactive process,” says Nina Nair, head-HRD, India & Americas at [24]7.

Maintain A Flow
If the meeting is a regular and recurring one, consider having a defined and agreedupon agenda. “Celebrating success or giving words of appreciation, reviewing actions from the earlier meeting, taking updates from the meeting attendees as well as discussing upcoming events and highlights, and then summarising and wrapping up can be a suitable flow to follow,” says Verghese.

Listen And Observe

“The leader needs to listen to what is said and unsaid, observe group processes and dynamics, and create space for questions. Observe closely to be able to subtly engage people who may seem to be lost or hesitant to contribute,” says Anne Prabhu, senior partner, Hunt Partners.

Get Tech in Place

Ensure that the administration/IT teams have checked the technology and connectivity prior to the meeting so that there are no hiccups,” says Prabhu. Nair adds, “Share recorded audio materials and notes post the meeting to bring everyone on the same page.”

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