10 tips to win over coworkers who dislike you

Are you having a tough time at work because everyone seems to dislike and shirk you? More importantly, if you don’t understand the reason for their behaviour, it’s time you sought feedback from your boss or mentor. You also need to introspect to figure out what is wrong. Here’s a list of undesirable traits that may be responsible and ways you can get rid of them.


The primary reason people dislike their colleagues is poor personal work ethic. Are you a free rider who does not perform up to the team’s expectations? If you don’t like your job or work profile, seek better opportunities. If you choose to stay, match the contributions by your team and spend any extra time in assisting others.


No one likes a whiner. Everyone carries his own share of personal and workplace challenges. Are you an energy source or a drain on your colleagues? Pipe down on your personal troubles and recreate a positive image by helping colleagues, appreciating their contributions and triggering cheerful discussions.


The people who gossip more than average are shunned as being untrustworthy and back-stabbers, whereas those who refuse to join informal group discussions are branded as aloof. While a little bit of gossip enhances office bonding, too much of it will leave you friendless and might get you into trouble. So, choose well.


Teammates don’t like it if they find you spending too much time buttering up your senior. Though your boss may fall for flattery, your colleagues will find ways to even the score with you. On the other hand, being overly critical of your boss to earn brownie points from colleagues is also foolhardy and can eventually harm your career.


Do you always have a lot to talk in meetings while others want to get back to work? Or are you someone who avoids speaking up even to share the information they require? Check with your buddies and bring in balance.


Professionals are extremely unforgiving if you take credit for their work. The smarter way is to habitually share credit with the team for every success. The boss will invariably figure out the actual contributions.


Your colleagues are probably fed up of missing deadlines because you did not listen carefully and get it right the first time. Ask friends to rate you on your listening skills.You could also sign up for a communications workshop.


People won’t appreciate your constructive criticism till you are authorised to correct them. Get your nose out of other people’s businesses and let them learn on their own if it is not your job to manage them.


Though being competitive is necessary to move ahead at work, you will be thoroughly disliked if you are condescending or arrogant about your abilities and successes.Instead, take time out to help the less gifted.


If you dress poorly, talk about personal stuff at office, fail to follow e-mail etiquette shout at people at the workplace, crack inappropriate jokes, you are socially inept. Change your behaviour or work from home.

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