5 ways to do mid-year performance review

Mid-year and quarterly performance reviews give organizations and their employees a better view of where they have reached on plans and strategies agreed upon at the beginning of the year. ET’s Prachi Verma Dadhwal talks to experts on how to make performance appraisals work for you.

Make It Formal

Try to document all appraisal talks. Make the mid-year appraisal formal like the annual performance review. “To begin with, seek time and put in an effort to document the appraisal talk,” says Hema Parikh, director–HR, Ajuba Solutions.

Convey Expectations

Employees should do some ground work before meeting their bosses. “The larger objective of this process must be to lead employees to professional accomplishment,” says Parikh. EMA Partners’ Ramachandran said, “This is also a great opportunity to look ahead and reiterate your career aspiration and seek candid feedback on where you stack up vis-a-vis your goals.”

Re-Align Goals

Employees’ goals should be aligned with the organisation’s. “Mid-year appraisal is a pit-stop to check on where the organization and the employee have reached on various plans. It is a great opportunity for course correction,” says Ramachandaran.

Course Correction:

Employees must engage in relevant conversation with their bosses and know that it has a positive outcome. Performance review must focus on parameters of excellence which are determined by the fixed goals. “So when employees convey their thoughts and ideas, the status quo gives us a ground reality on the progress and the necessary areas of focus for an enhanced output,” says Parikh.

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