5 ways to manage when facing personal crisis

A personal crisis can sometimes affect your work performance.While some firms have counselling and other mechanisms in place to assist employees going through a difficult phase, there is something more needed to help you through it. ET’s Prachi Verma Dadhwal brings some tips from experts on how to manage work when going through a personal crisis.

1. Keep the Communication Channels Open

All of us go through the lows, but some sometimes, some events on the personal front start impacting our work as well. This is the time when you must walk up to your boss and talk about it. “However, before you do so, carefully think through how much information you should divulge. It is not necessary to share every detail of your crisis – it can make your manager uncomfortable,” said Swapnil Kamat, CEO of Work Better Training.

2. Keep Emotions Under Check

A personal crisis can leave you in a bad emotional state, but you must try to keep your stress under control. “Your workplace is not where you let your emotions loose. You may be feeling teary or extremely agitated. When that happens, take a walk, take a few deep breaths and clear your mind,” said Kamat.

3. Delegate Work

If a task is urgent then try and delegate parts of the responsibility to others. This will help you take care of some issues. It will give you time to deal with your crisis without impacting work.”Should your focus be affected, take some responsibilities off your plate. Allocate it to someone else in your team temporarily,” said Anuradha Bharat, head – People Operations, Razorpay.

4. Be Reasonable

It is easy to get overwhelmed in such situations. There could be times when one could become emotional and end up sharing a bit much. “Yes, you are undergoing a terrible phase. But, it’s important to be professional and not spill out too many details to your colleagues,” said Bharat of Razorpay.

5. Be Positive

Divert your mind with new tasks.”Talk to the HR and evaluate possible arrangements that can temporarily help you deal with the stress. It could be a work-from home, personal or medical leave, anything that helps you,” said Bharat. Kamat said, “A positive attitude goes a long way.”

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