Corporates plan steady hiring in Q3: Survey

Indian companies plan to hire at a steady pace in the third quarter of 2018, according to ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey of 5,110 employers. The sectors expected to drive the job market include services, wholesale & retail, finance and manufacturing.
The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, released by ManpowerGroup, revealed a net employment outlook of +17%, with the strongest forecasts reported in the services and wholesale & retail trade sectors of +20% each, followed by public administration and education at +18%.

AG Rao, group managing director of ManpowerGroup India said: “While the focus is on technology, skill development and new jobs, India’s job market is seeing a new trend emerging. Corporate India’s hiring intention is slowly catching up. Automation and digital transformation is playing the key role.”
The wholesale & retail trade sector is among the top employers in India. The government’s move to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in various forms, coupled with the growing consumer demand, is expected to see this sector create even more jobs in the coming years, Rao said.
“Major trends that will drive recruitment in 2018 in India are diversity, automated recruitment, virtual reality and remote working options, among others. The HR (human resources) industry is also trending towards amarketing approach to hiring to attract the right talent,” he said.
Besides wholesale & retail trade, services sector is expected to witness robust hiring, with employers in both sectors reporting net employment outlook of +20%.
Other major sectors expected to generate employment opportunities include manufacturing, public administration and education. The least job opportunities are likely to be in transportation & utilities sector.
The survey revealed that employment opportunities are expected to increase in all four regions of the country. North and south led the survey with the highest outlook of +18%, south being the IT hub and north being the talent centre. Employers in the east and the west also forecast steady hiring, reporting outlook of +16%. In comparison with the previous quarter, hiring prospects have improved by 2 percentage points in the north, the south and the west.

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