5 ways to ensure you’re valued at work

Valuing employees for their contribution can make them feel more productive, and this, in turn, leads to organisational growth. Such employees then become more willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, an approach that leads to better recognition and rewards at the workplace. Brinda Sarkar brings you suggestions from experts on how to ensure you’re valued in your organisation.

1. Present Your Contributions
Be sure to highlight two main things to your manager—how you’ve contributed towards organisational growth and how you’ve achieved professional growth. “You can mention the learning of a new coding language, which you utilised in creating an app to directly benefit the organisation. Presenting these separately helps the company evaluate you objectively, especially during appraisals,” says Chhaya Sharma, team lead of human resources at Capital Float.
2. Don’t Limit Yourself
Success is not confined to meeting organisational expectations or targets. “Your success as an employee should be reflected in the fabric of your everyday attitude, ethics and technical competency. When you start showing an entrepreneurial approach in your work, your ceorganisation will lebrate your every achievement, whether big or small,” says Deodutta Kurane, group president of human capital management at Yes Bank.
3. Interact With Your Manager
It is important to meet your manager at frequent intervals—this not only helps build a rapport, but also leads to conversations which can help in evaluating your performance, says Sharma. “A direct channel of communication between you and your manager can help you communicate your contributions on a regular basis,” she says.
4. Make Sure to Stand Out
While it is essential to be innovative and creative, one must stretch and deliver to help the organisation realise its own potential, says Amit Prakash, head of human resources at Marico. “You will be valued when you help create an environment where you win and lose together. Display an institutional and owner mindset to help the company make an impact,” he says.
5. Refrain From Bragging
Talk about your achievements and put yourself up, but you don’t have to do it at the cost of putting others down. “It is essential to give respect to earn respect. Try to talk about your achievements while at the same time exercising humility—this will ensure you don’t sound like a braggart,” says Kurane.

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