Despite high employee engagement, 1 in 4 may leave current job given a chance: Report

A significant percentage of employees in India feel engaged at work and are willing to recommend it as a place to work, yet one in four would consider leaving their organisation if they had the chance, says a report.

According to Mercer’s Employee Engagement Index report, 80 per cent of employees feel engaged at work, and 9 out of 10 respondents believe they are proud to work for their organisation.

Despite the high levels of pride in their company and willingness to recommend it as a place to work, more than one in every four employees would consider leaving their organisation if they had the chance, the report said.
It further added that many are on the lookout for more competitive compensation, linkage of rewards with performance and career advancement.

“While many employees in India tell us they are proud and motivated, far fewer see themselves as staying for the long haul with their current employer,” the report said.

The report further noted that many employees do not believe that they are being fairly compensated for what they do.
While 70 per cent of employees in India feel recognised for their efforts, one in four employees feels that his or her skills are not utilised optimally.
“Compared to the other Asia-Pacific countries, leaders in India need to ensure that an individual’s role is structured to utilise those skills better,” the report said.

Mercer, assessed employee engagement by measuring the level of pride, motivation and commitment employees have towards their organisations.
The survey covered 116 companies in India working for a variety of global and local multinationals across sectors like Consulting and Professional ServicesNSE 1.55 %, Consumer Products, Energy Oil and Gas, Financial Services, High Tech Hospitality Life, Sciences Manufacturing.

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