LinkedIn announces top social recruiters in India

LinkedIn has the list of recruiters in India who have been ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting smartly. From helping professionals discover and explore their dream jobs to fueling business growth, these recruiters continue to reimagine possibilities. This year, LinkedIn celebrates the spirit “possibilities” with recruiters who make dreams possible and connect the dots in the world of networking.

The top social recruiters list of 2017 includes professionals from start-ups, internet businesses, and technology companies. These top recruiters are ranked based on their effectiveness in attracting and hiring quality talent using LinkedIn.

The list was compiled based on each recruiter’s LinkedIn Recruiter Index (LRI)* for the period starting January 2016 to December 2016. Additionally, engagement level on the platform was also taken into consideration. The list acknowledges multiple recruiters from each organization, recognizing every recruiter’s efforts and contributions.

The recruiters who have made it to the top 5 amongst 40 other social recruiters in India include:

social recruiters in India
“The job market today has transformed into a candidate’s marketplace wherein candidates choose their employers, as opposed to recruiters choosing them. Social platforms have played a significant role in bringing about this transformation by giving candidates the luxury of accessing information about companies, their culture and opportunities at their fingertips. Our data reconfirms this shift by showing that 32% Indian professionals land a new job through social professional networks.
Understanding this shift, organizations are restructuring their recruiting teams to work on building relationships with potential candidates and engage with them on relevant platforms. This move is creating an ecosystem where recruiters, organizations and job seekers interact for individual, professional, and business growth,” said Irfan Abdulla director, Talent Solutions, LinkedIn India.

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