Five ways to search for a job after a long break

A host of reasons can prompt a person to step out of an active work life. Be it a sabbatical or health and family issues or simply time out to pursue a hobby, finding the way back to a regular job is often challenging for most people. ET gets you experts’ views on how to go about it.

1. Thorough Search

Exhaust all the means of search to get a job. “Don’t feel shy to approach people. Use your network in the best possible manner; upload your CV to the portals and approach as many search firms as you know,” says Shantanu Das, chief human resources officer at Amway India. Try to stay active on social media and connect with as many people as possible in real life too. Networking is good to spread the word that you are on a job hunt.

2. Don’t Bluff

It is best to be honest about the reason for your off time. Remember that people understand. “Never lie about the reason of the break. Be truthful and candid,” says Puneet Khurana, vice-president and head of HR at PolicyBazaar. com. The long gap can be on account of many reasons. β€œAt the time of search, and even during interviews, be honest on the reasons rather than trying to camouflage the reasons – lest this becomes a reason for rejection, especially when companies resort to discrete reference checks,” says Das.

3. Have a Plan

One has to be mentally and physically prepared for the return to work. In this, a little planning always helps. “Prepare a proper plan and target the right organisations and job profiles. Just to get a job don’t start applying everywhere,” says Khurana.

4. Stay Active

Try not to lose your sharpness. “While there has been a long gap, one should not lose touch, instead one should stay up to date with the latest trends/technology relevant to his/her functional domain,” says Das. Simply put, one has to stay abreast of the latest in the domain.

5. Have Documents

Be truthful in all your documents as well. “Never fudge any details as it will be cleared out in background verification, like tenure, title, salary at the last organisation,” says Khurana. Finally, says Das, “Overall, stay positive and confident – the rest will fall in place.”

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